Voice calls with a unique flavor

Place different phone calls seamlessly in a conversation.


Connect with others

On Spacelens, you can leverage the power of augmented reality and location to place voice calls instantly. Get more relevant information using modern technologies than when you are on a traditional phone conversation.

Change the way you use your phone and decide to make your calls more intelligent and useful.

Augmented Reality
Create a profile that has strong value

Display relevant information directly from your profile so it becomes more convenient for you and others to know when to call.

You can add a number of pertinent information that makes interacting with others different, useful and certainly delightful even during an ongoing communication.

When someone looks at your profile, they can use what they see to call you at the right time and in the right context.

Text Messaging
Reinventing conversations

We often get interrupted everyday by phone calls that are often received at the most convenient time. In a modern and connected world, the information we possess should make that process and flow more intuitive.

By connecting people based on a variety of factors, we can try to minimize the inconvenience of traditional voice calls. Let Spacelens give you another flavor to phone and video call conversations today. You can now enjoy the emotions that you can get only when you are actually talking with someone over the phone in a more pleasant manner.

Video Call