Video calls at your reach!

Make your conversations stand out. Leverage video calls to amplify your AR experience.

Spacelens - iTunes iOS mobile app
Spacelens allow you to video talk with people you love

Interact with the 
 people you love

Connect through video calls on Spacelens to see on top of what you can say with words instantly.
Discover how adding a video element to your AR messages adds another layer of context when communicating with your peers.

Spend more time helping others while increasing revenue.

Increase your reach and the perspective of what is happening

Augmenting the world through your lens allows you to see more of what is around you.
Simply swich from an augmented reality view to a video call conversations in order to not only add context but see the other person in their present environment.

Augmented Reality
Increasing revenue and your precius time
Make every video interaction count

By adding creative videos or placing media content to the locations of your choice, you can enhance the interaction of those who see them through their phone lens.

Media sharing, content creation, live interactions, direct video calls and chats offers all the options you need to interact with your friends and collaborators on every levels.