Location-based services

Make your services more relevant and in context

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Convert your time in money

Make sure you appear on the map at all time

Being able to place your services and product offerings in an AR placement helps you ensure the right connections are made at the right time.

Getting to understand how people use space and location when deciding to take up on offers is insightful.

Becasue the element of location in time is becoming everyday more important.

Spacelens - iTunes iOS mobile app
Different services that you can offerd

Place different services in different places

Go even further and place your content and professional services at the exact location you want your clients to see it. Leverage augmented reality in a novel way to make every interaction more granular.

Ensure that you display the right information to the right person. Be in the flow of people's decision process to get a higher impact on your conversions.

Help people offering services
Make your service location-based
Introducing AR services
Show what you offer anywhere in the world

When you create a service or offer on Spacelens, you can decide to place them in strategic positions so they appear to others at the right moment. Put yourself on the map in a different way today!

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