AR chats & 3D text messaging

Give your chat messages a new life using augmented reality


See your texts in space

Texting has been the same for too long. It's time to see your messages come to life and transmit the power of words with others using the latest AR and chat technologies.

Use your camera at anytime to see where messages are placed in space and interact with content in a new way.

You can also decide to put emotions to your chat and texts. Don't use emoticons only and add also powerful colors and special effects.

Augmented Reality

Adding artificial intelligence to the mix

Spacelens offers a chat bots that can evolve and learn with you. In a world where AI is becoming ever more important, make sure to leverage it directly in your conversations today.

Teach your virtual assistant to answer for you.

Mixing augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in your daily flow opens the door to innovative and delightful experiences that you have never seen before.

Artificial Intelligence
Be in the now when you are texting

Use Spacelens to learn more about the context of a chat conversation in order to make your messages, sms or chats more pertinent at all time.

Users can easily share with you relevant information directly from your chat tab so you can know more of what is happening on the other side before even engaging in a conversation.

Use Spacelens for your personal messages or turn it into a poweful business tool whenever you need it.

Spacelens - iTunes iOS mobile app
Endless possibilities

Chatting is rapidly becoming the preferred method for our daily interactions with others. By adding modern tools and new technologies to it, we can make sure we leverage our text chatting habits in a more cohesive fashion.

Spacelens continues to offer you the most common experiences of chatting and includes a number of unique features that you can use when needed. Send your first message today and see how AR and AI can change your entire chat experience.

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