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Augment your reality and the one of others

spacelens - get paid to answer questions

Write something and place it where you want

Using the Spacelens app, you can decide to create a piece of content and drop it in space where you are. You can aslo place that message somewhere else around the world. You decide who can see what you create and can even schedule the content so it gets automatically deleted. Using the Spacelens app, other users can see this content and act on it, offering a real life experience to your communications.

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Place pictures and videos

You can also use Spacelens to create pictures and videos and leave them on the map. You can choose between a large number of different content types and create the perfect experience for others to see!

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Follow the map

You can activate a map view of your surroundings and see where others have left messages. Spacelens even allows you to direct your position to the nearest message or to filter your environment so you find the most relevant items for you.

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Integrates with AI seamlessly

Users can interact with any message that is placed in space. When someone contacts you, you can use your Spacelens personal assistant to manage and answer to the different requests you receive!

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