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Artificial intelligence in the mix

Your personal assistant for your everyday conversations.

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AI that learns from and with you

With the rapid advances in artificial technologies, it makes sense to be able to use its power in your daily workflow. On Spacelens, you can customize your own personal assistant so it can learn from you and do a multitude of tasks on your behalf. Focus on what matters and let innovative technologies take over the rest.

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Learning your answers seamlessly

By interacting with your Spacelens app in a consistent fashion, your AI assistant can learn how to answer to many of the questions you receive everyday. The chat bot can then answer them for you automatically or let you know when something needs additional follow-up. As it evolves over time, your virtual assistant becomes more intelligent and useful.

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Allocate your time effectively

By leveraging your personal assistant, you can spend more time on the activities you truly care about. Let magic do its work for you!

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Add rich content and media

Your AI assistant is not only capable of recording text, it can also save and share pictures, locations, videos and other useful information at all time. You can think about all the tasks and answers you need to provide everyday to see its usefulness. The more you train your AI robot, the more information and answers the system can provide for you automatically.

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Make it yours

Your Spacelens virtual assistant can be configured to your liking. It is seamlessly integrated within your use of the app so you don't need to think twice about its training. You can decide to enable it at anytime and set when it should answer or when you want to take over. By adding that technological component within the platform, Spacelens help you discover all its features as you need them.

A new friend

Connecting with friends and colleagues through augmented reality offers new and innovative possibilities. Anytime you send an AR chat to someone, you can add an AI component to make your experience over time even more useful. Start using Spacelens today and discover how the mix of AR and AI can lead to surprising and useful results!

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